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Mindful Meals

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What is a mindful meal?

A contemplative delicious meal with friends old and new. This is an opportunity to be present in your chair and embrace the feeling of a shared group meal without worrying about small talk. The emphasis is on tasting, feeling, and enjoying the sensory experience of eating, from noticing the heaviness of your fork to the crunchy pop of a wheatberry. 

What you can expect from one of these dinners

The mostly silent meals are led by a meditation guide as Dena and her team serve up local and seasonal fare. You’ll be invited to sink into your chair, engage the senses and really experience the moment, see and feel what you notice and what comes up. The evening ends with a mindful discussion to debrief the evening. 

*Allergies and dietary restrictions are taken very seriously. Let us know what you’ve got going on.

Where are these dinners held

Various locations around Oakland and San Francisco, CA. Specific address revealed once you've booked. 

How this got started

As a really chatty people loving person who tends to freeze up in large social situations, Dena sometimes finds herself getting nervous before going to parties or out to dinner, what if it’s awkward, the people aren’t friendly, or the food is bad? Of course, every dinner party she’s been to, no matter how painful the conversation or terrible the food, has always been totally and completely fine. But she did wonder what a dining experience could be like where you just show up and aren’t expected to talk, and instead sit at a table, wrapped up in a group setting, feeling like you were part of something and simply be. It wasn’t until taking part in a yoga and mindfulness teacher training that she was able to put the pieces of her love of entertaining guests around a dinner table and her craving for group peace and quiet together.

Upcoming dinners

Check back soon for updated calendar.

Private or Special Events

Interested in a private mindful/silent dinner for your office, family, or group of friends? Let us know., subject: mindful meals.